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Many businesses rely on certain key people to trade, without whom they would struggle financially. Just as a business insures its assets against fire and theft, it should also consider protecting itself against the death, serious illness or disability of its key people.

Key Person Protection

Safeguard the people who matter most to your success.
There are always key individuals that make big contributions to the success of a business. So, losing one of them can have a serious impact on the financial health of the business.

If a business were to lose a key person this may result in:

Key Person Protection is designed to help protect your business in the event of death or terminal illness of one or more key employees.

If such an event happens, the plan pays out a lump sum to cover any loss in revenue or profits – helping to keep your business on track.

Shareholder and Partnership Protection

If a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness, their share of the business usually passes to their beneficiaries. To regain control of that share, surviving business owners may need to buy that individual’s part of the business. Many businesses don’t have the money to do this and it may be costly to borrow.

These are just some of the questions that can arise as a result of a Shareholder or Partner dying or suffering a critical illness:

This plan will pay a lump sum if a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness. This provides the capital to enable the surviving business owners to buy that individual’s share of the business – allowing them to keep control.

Business Loan Protection

If a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness, lenders may have the right to demand that any outstanding loans are paid back. These could be difficult to pay off at short notice.

In the event you lose a business partner, you may want or need to repay outstanding business loans, some of which may have personal guarantees or have to be repaid when someone dies.

Business Loan Protection provides peace of mind, because it provides a lump sum to cover your business loans.

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