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Business protection

Businesses often protect what is visible; buildings, machinery and supplies. The lifeblood of the company, its key members, workforce and you yourself, are often left unprotected. Business Protection can help protect your business.

Key Person Protection (Profit Protection)

If a business were to lose a key person this may result in:

A Key Protection plan will provide a cash injection into the business after the death, terminal or critical illness of a key person, which can help with the above.

Partners, Directors and Limited Liability Partnerships

These are just some of the questions that can arise as a result of a Shareholder or Partner dying or suffering a critical illness:

The death or critical illness of a business owner may destabilise the business and can quickly lead to financial difficulties. A Share Protection plan will provide a sum of money to the remaining business owners after the death or critical illness of a partner/director. This will help enable them to buy the shares from the deceased partner`s /director`s/member`s estate, thereby maintaining control of the business.

Corporate Debt

The loss of a person could result in the bank calling in the overdraft, or the person who has guaranteed a loan could be incredibly serious for a business.

All corporate debt should be covered, not just the bank loans but overdrafts, director loan accounts and personal guarantees.

Basic protection could save a business and the business owner`s personal wealth.

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