Health cash plans to suit your company

Extend health cover to all your employees with a cash plan. Even those who wouldn’t normally be entitled to health benefits under existing company terms can receive cash payments for a range of everyday health care.

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How do cash plans work?

Cash plans make company health care simple. For a monthly or weekly premium, which can be as low as £1 per person per week, the plan pays a cash sum for many services, including:

  • Dental and dental accident fees
  • Optical fees
  • Complementary therapies (including physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment)
  • Alternative therapies (including acupuncture and homeopathy)
  • Chiropody

The scope of cash plan cover can also include a wider variety of services and treatments as suits each individual employee. GP helplines, health screening, discounts at health clubs and gyms, and even excess payments can be accessed.

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How are cash plans funded?

In the simplest terms, the more you or your employee pays per week or month, the higher the level of cover and greater benefit received. Cash plans can be funded one of two ways.

Employer funded

The company pays for a set level of cover, with employees given the option to flex up their cover through salary deduction. This can be used to raise cover level or include dependents in the cover

Employee funded

The cash plan is solely funded by the employee. Our experienced consultants at IHC can help you choose the right employee-funded cash plan to fit your workforce and sit within your existing policies.

Frequently asked questions

A Health Cash Plan for Employers is a type of employee benefit scheme that allows companies to provide their employees with cash benefits to cover a range of healthcare costs not covered by traditional health insurance.

Employers benefit by enhancing their employee benefits package without increasing their costs significantly. Employees benefit from access to cash payments for healthcare expenses such as dental treatments, optical services, physiotherapy, and more.

Health Cash Plans typically cover a variety of healthcare expenses, including dental check-ups, eye tests and glasses, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, prescription medications, and other healthcare-related costs.

Yes, employers can often customise the coverage options to suit the needs of their workforce, including selecting different benefit levels and coverage options for different employee groups.

Employees can usually submit claims online, via a mobile app, or by mail. They typically need to provide receipts or invoices as proof of their expenses, and the reimbursement is usually processed directly to their bank account.

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