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Measuring cognition?

, Measuring cognition?Simply stated, cognition is the ability to think. It is central to who we are and what we do. It encompasses processes such as knowledge, attention, memory, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, problem solving and decision making – all vital to work performance yet until now, not widely measured.

John Picken, Managing Director of CANTAB Corporate Health, explains why this is changing,’ Much like physical health, cognition can be viewed along a continuum—from optimal functioning to mild cognitive impairment to neurological disease.

A growing number of employers now see the benefits of measuring cognitive health at each point on the continuum whether it is to help improve performance or identify clinically relevant issues as soon as possible.’

, Measuring cognition?After a successful implementation of their digital assessment tools in the NHS, CANTAB Corporate Health’s services are now being made available to the corporate/occupational health market worldwide. PwC, Blossoms Healthcare, JCB and The Bupa Cromwell Hospital are some of the first adopters.

CANTAB Insight is a CE approved Class II Medical Device, validated for age 18 to 90 and developed over 30 years of leading neuroscience from Cambridge University.

Delivered via iPad, it measures an individual’s cognitive health across five key domains: executive function, working memory, attention, processing speed and episodic memory. Results are adjusted for age, gender and education level. It also has a mood filter – one client has already identified a number of individuals at risk of depression.

, Measuring cognition?Because it is objective, language independent and culturally neutral, it has great appeal to global organisations looking for a consistent measure across their diverse workforces.

CANTAB Insight can be used in a number of settings including health assessments and wellbeing days, as part of pre-employment screening, for helping to optimise cognitive function, in ‘Fit for Task’ medical assessments and as cost effective triage for symptomatic referrals.

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