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Accenture prioritises health and wellbeing with Bupa Boost

Accenture, the global professional services firm, has more than 13,000 employees in the UK and Ireland. The firm recently confirmed its commitment to make the health and wellbeing of its people a priority and aims to be the most inclusive and diverse organisation in the world by 2020.

Tony Horan, head of human capital and diversity at Accenture UK and Ireland, recently spoke to Employee Benefits about this: “Our health and wellbeing approach is based around four pillars: healthy heart and lungs; wrist, core and spine; nutrition, hydration and digestion; and sleep and mental health.”

Alongside offering health and wellbeing focused benefits such as health assessments, subsidised gym membership and confidential counselling, Accenture is committed to health awareness and prevention. To enable this, one of the initiatives they make available to their employees is Bupa Boost.

“Bupa Boost is a way for employees to set health and wellbeing objectives and to track progress. It’s a smart phone app that aims to provide accessibility, employee engagement and help people work towards improving health and wellbeing and it has been designed to encourage people to become really engaged in their own fitness. Whilst there are plenty of health trackers on the market, this offering from Bupa aims to provide information on health matters as well as, further down the line, coaching services. In other words, it’s not just about tracking your health and fitness and monitoring progress, but about finding out what changes you can adopt to bring about real improvements,” says Paul Roberts, consultant for IHC.

As well as letting employees take greater control of their personal fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and relaxation and offering access to Bupa’s expertise and support, you can also introduce an element of healthy competition, with the opportunity to set challenges, collect badges and establish a leader board to make wellbeing a more social experience.

Think it could work for you? To discuss how IHC can help establish Bupa Boost within your team, get in touch today or go to to find out more.

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