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Product in focus… Cigna’s Detox at Home

At a time when people traditionally take a break from those good, healthy intentions and go all out for festive indulgence, the idea of detox is bandied about as a bit of a joke, something to be put off until the New Year when there is less temptation to eat and drink too much.
But for many people with drug and alcohol problems, detox is a serious matter. According to Cigna, some 300,000 people in the England began structured treatment for drug and alcohol addictions in 2014, with more than three quarters of those having treatment for 12 weeks or more.

Cigna has now launched a service which allows its customers to bypass their GP and self-refer for detox at home. This means they can receive treatment at home within one week, begin their recovery within the comfort of their homes and carry on their family lives with as little disruption as possible, maintain their reputation in the workplace, which is crucial to conserving self-esteem, and benefit from professional care, day and night,.

The detox at home service from Cigna is specifically designed to provide specialist nurse support to help people withdraw from opiates or alcohol addiction in their own home environment. The initial detox takes place over one week under the care of a trained addiction nurse, and follow up is managed through cognitive bnehavioural therapy (CBT), which aims to combat the risk of relapse.

At a time when getting the right treatment on the NHS can take weeks, this service can offer quick and effective treatment to people in need of support to get over addictions. Phil Austin, Cigna’s UK HealthCare Benefits Managing Director said: “Cigna customers can be confident they will be offered access to the treatment they need. Some will even complete their home detox programme before the average person would be able to see their GP to discuss their drug or alcohol addiction.”

Rebecca Yagci, Archangel Home Detox Nurse Director, said: “If someone is struggling with an addiction, the hardest part can be admitting there’s a problem and seeking help. We’re able to provide a bespoke care plan to fit individual needs and provide care, day and night, at home. With our service, there’s no need to take long periods off work for recovery – ensuring privacy and professional reputation is maintained.”

To find out more about the service, contact our London office at 020 7353 4099.

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